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Complete Carpet Cleaning

Our three step cleaning process leaves your carpet spot-free and refreshed!


1. Pre-Spray With Soil Lifting Detergent


2. Apply Sanitizing Agent


3. Rotary Steam Cleaning

Carpet Stain Cleaning


There are numerous reasons that your carpet may need a complete cleaning:


Pet and Urine Stain Removal


In order to eliminate all traces of urine, dog, cat or other household pet smells, the odor must be treated at the source.  Our deodorization process removes the nasty smell at the source leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean. 


Extreme Dirt and Mud Cleaning


There is no way of preventing dirt and mud getting into your carpets.  Your kids run in after playing outside without taking their shoes off or the furniture movers traced in some mud while moving your couch.  Whatever the cause, you will be able to tell the difference after our staff has taken care of your carpets.  


Wine Stain Removal


Whether it was you who knocked the glass of wine over or a guest at a get-together, wine stains are tough to deal with.  We have an experienced team that has dealt with hundreds of wine stains and will ensure all traces are removed.


Blood and Fluid Spot Removal


There are not many stains that our team can not remove.  Blood and other fluids are no exception.  

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