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Our deodorization services remove any unwanted odors from your carpet including odors caused by pets.  Our odor elimination process removes these odors and leaves your carpet smelling like new!  By adding our deodorization service to your overall carpet clean, you will ensure all bacteria and unwanted odors are eliminated.  Below are some common odors that our cleaning process will remove.  

Pet and Urine Deodorization


Almost all pet owners all experience the same pesky odors and stains when it comes to their pet.  Our trained staff will identify each and every stain and treat them separately.  In doing this, they are able to identify which ones need special treatment and additional attention in ensuring that the stain and odor is removed. 



Whether you moved into a new place where the previous owners smoked or you are a current smoker and want your carpets refreshed, our cleaning process battles the smoke odors that are embedded in your carpets.  

Moldy/Musty Odors


Our cleaning process battles all types of odors including moldy or musty odors.  If you have had recent water issues or your basement flooded, you may be experiencing the unwanted aftermath of odors.  Our restoration process leaves your carpets smelling refreshed and elminates these unwanted odors. 

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